• Riot LAN - Fall 2014
  • Meet Great People (Riot Employees)!
  • Good Games, Good People
  • League of Legends World Finals!
  • Be a part of our Epic Live Events!
  • Forge your own legacy!
  • Come hang out with us!

Official Madison eSports November Hearthstone Tournament

This will be our first ever club Hearthstone tournament! Better yet, we will be hosting two tournaments at once!

Free Tournament:
  • Great for players new to Hearthstone, but all are welcome!
  • Your decks will be limited to the free cards only. Use of any other card is an insto DQ.
  • PRIZE POOL CURRENTLY $100 (Thank you Artem)
Normal Tournament:
  • Make your decks however you want.
  • $5 Entry (all entry fees go to the paid tournament's prize pool)
Format for Both Tournaments:
  • "Conquest Mode" (Make 3 unique-hero decks of your choosing. Retire a deck on a win. First to run out of decks wins)
  • Best of 5
  • Swiss

I know you all like to be late for events, so be here by 7 to start registering ;). Games will almost certainly start by 7:15



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League of Legends World's Viewing Party

Come hang out, recover what's left of your mind after the Halloween festivities, and watch the VODs of this year's world finals with us. Dragon-I has been kind enough to provide us with a great space for this event in their second floor cyber cafe lounge. There may already be spoilers (but we all know who is going to win anyways). Don't watch the finals alone when you can join in on the finals hype with us!




Madison eSports Club All-Member Meeting

The time for another club meeting has arrived. Come join us to talk about the latest matches in games all across the eSports scene, bring a laptop to play a game or two with friends, discuss event ideas with an officer, or just stop by to hang out. People are welcome to bring table-top games as well. Most importantly, put a face on a virtual name and come together with the people that speak your language.




Madison eSports Club LoL Fall Open!

Our biannual club League tournament is once again making a comeback! Join us to compete against your fellow badgers on the Fields of Justice for Riot-sponsored prizes and glory.


Format is expected to be round robin followed by best of 5s for the round of 16. However, this will vary based on the number of teams that sign up.


Registration can be completed individually, in partial groups, or as a full team. Those who do not register as a full team will be matched up based on skill level.

Cost is $25 per team ($5 per person) to offset club expenses, supporting our ability to bring you all the best content possible.

Register Here


Rules and just about all the information you will ever need to know about the tournament can be found here.


Madison eSports Club Kick-Off Meeting!

We are looking to kick off this semester by getting together, having a good time, and discussing how we can achieve the best possible experience for all members of the club. Our officers will share what we have planned and look for some feedback on what we could do to make the semester even better. You can find us in Union South at 7:00 PM.




LoL World Championship Finals Viewing Party!

Come join us at the Madison Esports Club viewing party for the League of Legends World Championships! The event will be held in the Humanities building, room 2650. The finals begin with the pregame show kicking off at 10:00 PM Central. There is no fee to attend this party, so feel free to come and bring a friend! We hope to see you all there!




Madison eSports LoL Fall Open

Registration for UW eSports Fall Open is now available for all members! All you have to do is sign up on our Battlefy page


Players will be able to register premade teams, partial premades, and as individuals. Free agents and partial teams will be able to form a team themselves, or we can assign teams. That's right, you can make a team with anyone (as long as they are a UW student).

The deadline for registration is October 9th. Once a team is locked in, a registration fee of 5 dollars will go towards prizes and administrative costs (room reservations, server upkeep, etc.).


Our format is very similar to the World Finals/OGN. Every team is guaranteed a healthy number of games in our round robin group stage, and the top performers will move on to the bracket stage for a chance to win prizes from both the club and hopefully Riot!


Group stage matches will be scheduled very flexibly at the convenience of participating teams! If you can play two games of LoL a week, then that's all you need. The exact weeks/dates for bracket stages will be determined by the number of teams that sign up.


A full copy of the rules can be found in the link above. Rules will be locked by the close of registration, so leave feedback by then.

We are looking for 12 to 16 teams, so rally your friends together to compete!


Welcome back!

Welcome back to all returning members and hello to all of the new. We hope you can all join us for tournaments, watch parties, LANs, and other events that we have planned for the upcoming semester. Our expanding portfolio of games include hits like League of Legends, Starcraft 2, DotA 2, Counter Strike, Diablo III and there is always room for more!

Visit us at the Student Organization Fair this upcoming Wednesday (September 11th) at Kohl Center to say hi, learn more about our club, and meet some of our officers!

Our first event of the year will be our Fall Open House event at Union South, Varsity Hall 1 from 11AM to 5PM on Sunday, September 15th. Feel free to bring your computer and enjoy a few games LoL, Sc2, Dota2 or any other game you like (we won’t be providing any computers at this event, please make sure to bring your own, if you would like to play).

It’s a great way to get engaged with the community and we hope you can join us. We will be previewing upcoming events, providing free food, and opening registration for our UW-Madison League of Legends Fall Open.


Reminder before summer

Just a quick message to the new people that just found out about the club. Although this is the end of the semester we are glad to see you here.

If you are interested in learning more about us click on "About" tab, if you would like to join us, click "Join" and for sure join our facebook pages, as well as undergo the registration process as it will ensure that you wont miss any of our events and announcements.


League of Legends Fall 2013 Tournament is over

Our first tournament is done and over. Congratulations to the team of Zhengyang Zhang for taking a decisive win in the finals!

Also if you are looking to buy Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm. Buy it through our affiliation!


Dota 2 Streaming Fundraiser for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

On 20 October (from midnight tonight to midnight tomorrow, CST), I will be playing and streaming Dota 2 for 24 hours straight, with no sleep, to raise money for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

My goal was to raise just $100 (we've surpassed that :D), so any little help you could give would be appreciated! You can support this and donate at Extra-Life[1] I will be streaming myself playing at Twitch.TV[2]

Anybody that wants to play with me on this day can join the team at Extra-Life.Org[3] . The more viewers we have, the more hype this event gets, and hopefully more donations the hospitals will receive! Click bellow for more info and discussion!

More on reddit!

Fall Starcraft 2 Tournament!!

The eSports Club Fall Starcraft 2 Tournament will be held over the next couple months. The format will be different from years past to try and curb the problems we've been having with the number of "no-shows," forfeits, and thrown games. Hopefully we'll have a fantastic turnout and have everyone in the club participate.

This tournament is meant for ALL skill levels. There will be prizes for the top finishers and will culminate in a live event; however, even if you have never played before you are still encouraged to play!


Read More!

First General Member Meeting!

It's time for the first official meeting of the year, to be held at Union South on Thursday, September 20th. The room number hasn't been released yet, but as soon as I have anymore information regarding the specific room, I will post it in this event. All members are encouraged to attend as we will be talking about the outlook on the year ahead as well as events and structural changes to the club. Come with any kind of question you can think of and we will try to answer them as best as we can!

RSVP Here >>>> Facebook Event Link

I hope to see you all there!